Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season


The holidays are often thought of as the most wonderful time of the year but they are also the busiest, and the most difficult to stay healthy. This year COVID-19 is creating extra challenges to an already hectic holiday season. Here are some tips from Russell Medical for staying safe and healthy during this festive time.


Make Smart Food Choices

Eating well can help you feel better so in addition to eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, be sure to limit your alcohol intake, eat at regular intervals, and wait 10 minutes after eating before getting additional servings or dessert. This give your brain time to catch up and tell your stomach it’s full.


Get Moving

The holiday season is packed with activities and responsibilities, often making it challenging to find time to exercise. Focus on walking as much as possible and remember that housework is a great way to combine your chores with getting your necessary movement. Crank up some tunes and you can get a real cardio workout!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Long work days, late night gift-wrapping sessions, and jet-lag can lead to sleep deprivation. Turn off your screens before bed and avoid late night eating and alcohol to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated this holiday season by bringing your own water bottle to parties and family functions and by drinking one glass of water for every glass of alcohol. Staying hydrated can help stave off weight gain and headache as well as prevent chapped lips and dry, dull skin.


Know the Risks of Holiday Gatherings

People over the age of 65 and people with chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease or diabetes are in a higher risk group for becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. If anyone in your family has these risk factors, it’s best to avoid in-person gatherings. Opt for an outdoor gatherings or wear masks and consider opening the windows to improve ventilation if gathering indoors. Maintain social distancing and choose a single person (who has washed their hands and is wearing a mask) to serve everyone’s food rather than dining buffet-style.


Get Your Flu Shot

Every flu season is different, and influenza can affect people differently, but getting a flu shot this year is more important than ever. Getting a flu shot will not protect against COVID-19, but it could reduce the possibility of experiencing symptoms that might be confused with those caused by COVID-19. Also, by reducing the severity of flu illnesses and hospitalizations, healthcare resources can be saved for the care of patients with COVID-19.


Stay Healthy This Holiday Season with Russell Medical

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